We are a research and development company. Our objective is to cure insulin-requiring diabetes by means of a thin-sheet bio-artificial pancreas.

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Our web site has information on this company, our research on the cure for diabetes, and the science of our thin-sheet bio-artificial pancreas. We invite you to explore, and suggest you start with one of three overviews.

There are many links within this site that define terms and explain concepts. And there are links to our companion web sites Hanuman Garden and Good Blood Sugar.

Hanuman Garden is designed for those who live with diabetes, especially for people who have recently been diagnosed. The best way to prevent diabetes from damaging your body is to pursue good blood sugar control. At Good Blood Sugar you can find information on controlling your disease and bulletin boards.

If you want to lose weight to control blood sugar, read about green stinger with ephedra reviews here.

Our friend Mary Connors has a new book Sweet Blood & Fury about diabetes. Mary is donating $1 to ISM for every book sold. Thanks Mary!. (Learn more at Mary's web site.)

September 19, 2003 A Forbes Magazine article today on Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong of American Bioscience, Inc., quotes Scott R. King of Islet Sheet Medical on the impact Dr. Soon-Shiong's former research on the cell transplantation industry.

Because we have been raising money we have posted little new information here. So here is an update. Click here.

September 3, 2002 Rick Mendosa has published a review of Islet Sheet Medical's "Hanuman Garden" web site in his column on the ADA web site. Click here.

November 1, 2001 Regulatory requirements will limit what I can add to the Islet Sheet Medical web site for the next few months, so here is a roundup of new developments.

First, we have decided to do our first equity financing to fund the remaining preclinical studies.... (click for more)

September 20, 2001 We have nearly finished our analysis of the large animal data we generated over the past year. I am pleased to tell you that, taken as a whole, the data support a logical understanding of what happens to an Islet Sheet implanted into a large animal. Now we are addressing the practical steps needed to develop methods to attach sheets permanently.

September 19, 2001 Our webmaster, Jeff Fohl, has installed a new state-of-the-art search feature (click on "search" on the left panel). This will help you find what you are looking for more quickly.
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