This section focuses on for-profit organizations working to develop a practical bio-artificial pancreas. Work includes technology for immunoisolation, immunomodulation and expansion of tissue sources. We also look some informative academic research web sites.

Evolution of Bioartificial Pancreas Companies

Commercial efforts to develop a viable artificial pancreas have been underway for over twenty years. The following diagram shows some of the key players in this effort using the format of an evolutionary cladogram.

Recent Developments

In the past two years there has been a considerable change in the prospects of companies working on the bioartificial pancreas.

Companies that have abandoned their research:

  • Metabolex
  • Modex
  • Encelle
  • Circe

Companies that have greatly reduced efforts because of poor results:

  • VivoRx
  • Novocel (Neocrin)

Companies that have progressed in results and research intensity:

  • MicroIslet
  • Islet Sheet Medical

Immunoisolation Research

Most companies work on microencapsulation technology. Click below for a brief description of each company.

Amicon (see Circe Biomedical)
Baxter Healthcare (see Theracyte)
Bio-Hybrid Technologies
Circe Biomedical, Inc.
Connaught Laboratories/Damon Biotech (see VivoRx & Neocrin)
Encell, Inc.
Gore Technologies
Grace Biomedical (see Circe Biomedical)
Islet Sheet Medical LLC
Islet Technology, Inc.
Metabolex, Inc.
Micro Islet, Inc.
Neocrin Company
TheraCyte, Inc.
TransTech Medical (see Metabolex)
W. R. Grace (see Circe Biomedical)

Immunomodulation Research

Sertoli Technology, Inc.

Expansion of Tissue

Advanced Cell Technology
Cell Mart
Ontogeny (See Curis)

Academic Web Sites

Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard University; see especially the page on islet transplantaiton
University of Miami's Diabetes Research Institute
University of Minnesota