Islet Sheet Medical is a California Limited Liability Company formed in February 1997. Corporate headquarters and research facility are located at 2180 Palou Avenue, San Francisco, California 94124. The Company's telephone number is 415-643-2760 and its facsimile number is 415-643-2764. Our operations are financed by a combination of investment funds and grants; click here if you want to learn more about investing.

Our principal activity is the development of a device to deliver insulin to insulin-requiring diabetics, the thin sheet bio-artificial pancreas. Read about this in the Science and Technology section.

In addition to research, we sponsor the companion web sites Hanuman Garden and Good Blood Sugar. Hanuman Garden is for people who have recently been diagnosed and Good Blood Sugar provides information for all people with diabetes, their friends and family.

Business Plan

The skeleton of our business plan is included here on our web site.

The most important part of any research company is the people, both employees, collaborators and advisors. We hope that as our technology is proven we have the opportunity to collaborate with more diabetes researchers. Already we freely make available our knowledge of microencapsulation to all researchers. You can also review our strategic plan.

Hanuman Medical LLC

Islet Sheet Medical is part of the Hanuman Medical family of medical research companies. ISM's sister company PlasmaSeal's core technology is use of autologous plasma concentrate as a hemostatic and tissue sealant. Hanuman has other advanced research projects underway.

Press and Commentary

Click here to see our press clippings.


The company has raised funds from a few qualified investors in exchange for convertible debentures or stock. Please e-mail Scott King if you would like more information.