For Researchers
Welcome, diabetes researchers, and all those interested in diabetes science! We believe that the passive (non-vascularized) thin sheet bio-artificial pancreas is the most promising approach to produce a cure in the next decade, so that is the focus of our research at ISM. In the past we have developed methods for making thin alginate coatings, and we urge people working on microencapsulation to use our methods.

We think there should be more cooperation among researchers working in diabetes. Like most for-profit companies we publish our results as patents, so our work is not as well known as academic researchers who publish in peer-review journals. Patents are not peer reviewed and often contains methods that are not reproducible. But our methods work! So in compensation we offer on this site supplemental information on practicing our methods, and invite you to e-mail your questions so we can help. Click here to visit our methods page where we offer protocols and advice for methods known to us.

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We are engaged in private e-mail discussions of various technical issues with various research. These discussions may yield postings of additional methods endorsed by ISM. Please contact us if you have any technical (or strategic) matters that you would like to discuss with us.

Our claim: Our methods produce small microcapsules that cure diabetes in large animal allografts.