If you are looking for the cure of diabetes, you have found the right web page. The founders of this company all have diabetes in their family. We have struggled for years in our efforts to make a working bio-artificial pancreas, and we believe this is a time of great hope.

But even as we offer hope, please understand that success is not assured. Our project could fail, and the cure for diabetes may be years away. We are still studying diabetes in animal models, and we do not yet have enough data to justify clinical studies.

In the mean time you should use the many available resources for managing diabetes. Medical science has proven that good blood sugars prevent vascular decay in diabetes. With effort you can control your sugars, and the effort is worth it. Islet Sheet Medical sponsors two web sites to help diabetics achieve tight control: Hanuman Garden, for recently diagnosed people, and Good Blood Sugar, where you can find information on controlling your disease.

If you are not very familiar with diabetes and diabetes research, start with our FAQ section or Hanuman Garden. If you are familiar with diabetes but curious about our thin sheet bio-artificial pancreas, we suggest you follow this path:

At our companion site, Good Blood Sugar, we have a bulletin board to discuss our work finding a cure for diabetes. Click here if you would like to join the discussion.

To tour our site, just follow Hanuman: